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You know you can count on Viking to sweat the details. But when the decision was made to extend our manufacturing to include CPVC fire sprinkler pipe, the choice of a compound supplier was simple. Viking, the most trusted name for complete fire protection solutions for nearly 90 years, and BlazeMaster®, the proven leader in CPVC technology, combined to deliver the highest quality CPVC sprinkler pipe.  Produced at an ISO 9001 certified facility in the United States, BlazeMaster® compounds have set the standard for performance and acceptance since the 1980s. And with the combined field support teams of Viking and BlazeMaster®, technical service, sales support and product acceptance are assured.

Success in fire protection takes a shared commitment from manufacturers, distributors, contractors, engineers, owners, and AHJs. At Viking, we take our link in the fire protection chain very seriously. With Viking Plastics, we demonstrate this commitment by ensuring a quality supply chain for CPVC pipe, from initial production to installation. Through vertical integration, Viking now has complete ownership over the entire process, ensuring that Viking’s trusted quality will be delivered at every stage in the project process.

With Viking Plastics, we have invested heavily in the best technology, facilities, processes, and equipment.  Because there is no substitute for knowledge and experience when producing quality products, Viking also sought out manufacturing experts with decades of experience producing the highest quality CPVC products.  They designed and equipped a dedicated CPVC manufacturing facility to ensure that Viking CPVC sprinkler pipe is the finest in the business.

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