Freedom® Residential Systems

What if we could extinguish fires almost as quickly as they start?  What if our homes could defend themselves against the flames?  What if there was a way for fewer lives to be lost in our own homes?  That much safer world is closer than you think.  Communities across the country are discovering it, and you can, too.  Some call it Freedom.  And with Viking, you'll have it.

Freedom® Residential Overview Brochure
Freedom® Residential Builder Brochure
Freedom® Residential Consumer Brochure 
Freedom® Residential Sprinkler Quick Reference Guide
Freedom® Residential CPVC Fittings Quick Reference Guide
Freedom® Residential VK480 Flat Concealed Sidewall Flyer

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Product Information:
Freedom Residential Fire Sprinklers
Viking CPVC Piping Products

Installation Resources:
Residential Sprinkler System Best Practices for Hot Climates
Technical Bulletin - Residential Sprinkler Handling & Installation


Everyday fire sprinklers are quietly working to save lives and property from the devastating effects of fire.  Want to learn more?  Follow the "sprinkler save blog" and see for yourself!