Viking List Price Book - North America

List prices effective May 2, 2015

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Table of Contents (141 KB PDF)

Sprinklers, Nozzles, and Accessories
(A) Standard Coverage, Standard Response Sprinklers (2 MB PDF)
(B) Standard Coverage, Quick Response Sprinklers (4 MB PDF)
(C) Extended Coverage Sprinklers (2 MB PDF)
(D) Storage Sprinklers
(E) Special Sprinklers (448 KB PDF)
(F) Residential Sprinklers (1 MB PDF)
(G) Dry Sprinklers (3 MB PDF)
(H) Sprinkler Accessories (1 MB PDF)
(I) Spray Nozzles and Window Sprinklers (375 KB PDF)
(J) Flexible Sprinkler Connections (559 KB PDF)

Valves & Systems
(K) TotalPac® 3 (312 KB PDF)
(L) Wet Systems (2 MB PDF)
(M) Dry Systems (886 KB PDF)
(N) Deluge Systems (2 MB PDF)
(O) Preaction Systems (4 MB PDF)
(P) Flow Control / Pressure Regulation (2 MB PDF)
(Q) Firecycle® Systems (2 MB PDF)
(R) Foam Systems (2 MB PDF)

System Components
(S) CPVC Products (667 KB PDF)
(T) VGS® Grooved Piping System (1 MB PDF)

Additional Resources
> Custom Color Information (128 KB PDF)
> Shipping Weights (59 KB PDF)
> Replacement Parts Price List (85 KB PDF)
> Sprinkler Index (102 KB PDF)
> Index (63 KB PDF)
> Terms and Conditions (94 KB PDF)

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