Product Repair Videos

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Viking has developed a library of product repair videos to provide information on the correct procedures for replacing key components of Viking valves and devices. The following videos may now be viewed on our website. If further assistance is needed, please contact Viking Technical Services at 1-877-384-5464.

Model D-2 Accelerator

Model E-1 Accelerator

Model D-1 PORV

1-1/2" Model E-3 Deluge Valve

2"-6" Model E-1 Deluge Valves and Model H-1 Flow Control Valves

Model VFR-400 Multi-Hazard Release Control Panel

Model J-1 Flow Control Valve

Model H-1 Pneumatic Actuator

Model F-1 and F-2 Dry Valves

Model E-1 and F-1 Easy Riser Swing Check Valve

Model C-1 PORV

Model D-2 Air Maintenance Device

Model C-1 Thermostatic Release


All videos also available for viewing on YouTube