Technical Articles

Viking's Technical Services department will frequently issue technical articles covering a wide varity of fire protection topics.  These articles provide detailed insights for contractors, engineers, architects, AHJs, and others on various products, systems, and applications in the fire protection industry.  Please select the title below to view and download the technical article.

Viking Residential Sprinklers: Application and Basic Hydraulics (461 KB DOC) (May, 2010)

Sprinkler Protection for High Bay and Automated Storage in Warehouse Type Storage Facilities (2 MB PDF) (February, 2010)

Sprinkler Selection for Double Interlock Preaction and Dry Pipe Systems (104 KB PDF) (January, 2009)

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems (194 KB PDF) (October, 2008)

High Expansion Foam Systems (346 KB PDF) (September, 2008) [Italian (348 KB PDF)]

Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Commissioning vs. Acceptance Testing (189 KB PDF) (August, 2008)

Hydraulic Calculations: One Method for Adjusting Flows for Liquids Other Than Water (254 KB PDF) (August, 2008)

Spray Nozzles Selection for Water Spray Systems: Options and Applications Explained (799 KB PDF) (March, 2007) [Italian (362 KB PDF)]

Automatic Sprinkler Thermal Sensitivity: Clarifying the Terms Fast Response and Quick Response (2 MB PDF) (July, 2006) [Spanish (397 KB PDF)]

Detention and Correctional Facilities - Misconceptions Regarding "Institutional Sprinklers" (433 KB PDF) (June, 2006)

Automatic Sprinkler Head Selection for MRI Rooms (684 KB PDF) (March, 2006)

Calculating Friction Loss: Darcy-Weisbach Formula vs. Hazen-Williams (1 MB PDF) (March, 2006)

Foam Systems - Low Expansion, Medium Expansion, High Expansion (522 KB PDF) (March, 2006) [Spanish (2 MB PDF)] [Italian (717 KB PDF)]

Water Spray/Mist Extinguishing System for Machinery Protection: Particle Board Presses (469 KB PDF) (August, 2006) [German (987 KB PDF)] [Italian (452 KB PDF)]

Protection of Rubber Tire Storage Using Open High Challenge Nozzle (690 KB PDF) (October, 2006) [Italian (586 KB PDF)

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