VGS Grooved Piping System


Leave Nothing to Chance
Managing your business is only getting more complicated.  To succeed, you need a trusted partner that delivers not just products, but complete solutions.  A partner that understands your challenges, and provides you with the innovative products and unparalleled service required to meet these challenges head on.

Introducing VGS™, a new grooved piping system from the most trusted name in fire protection – Viking.  For 90 years, Viking has followed a rigorous commitment to provide only the highest quality fire protection products and services.  VGS is the latest example of this demanding standard.

With VGS, you now have access to a complete, dependable grooved piping system from Viking.  And, with Viking SupplyNet as your partner, you are assured consistent product availability, prompt delivery, expert technical support, and anything else that you need to eliminate job-site surprises.  VGS allows you to install with the confidence of knowing that you are backed by a trusted partner with a dedicated focus on your business.

Putting it All Together
The complete VGS product line is available through Viking SupplyNet’s integrated distribution network, which includes 34 locations in North America.  Through Viking SupplyNet, you have access to the most complete line of fire protection products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Viking, Tolco, Potter, BlazeMaster, NIBCO, Ames, Kennedy, AGF, and Wilkins.  Finally, Viking Fabrication Services links it all together with full-service pipe fabrication capabilities for even the most demanding applications.

Integrating VGS into this package creates a seamless, comprehensive, single-source solution for your business. Furthermore, this entire package is supported by Viking’s dedicated technical support team and field staff.  We invite you to discover why a single-source, turn-key system is the best solution for your business.  We want to be your partner.

VGS - Continuing the Legacy of Trust