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K28 ESFR Now FM Approved for Storage Facilities up to 55 ft (16,7 m) High

  • The VK514 pendent storage sprinkler is now FM Approved to protect high-piled storage up to 50 ft (15,2 m) in storage facilities with ceilings as high as 55 ft (16,7 m) without requiring an in-rack sprinkler system.
  • The FM Approval classifies the Model VK514 as a Quick Response Storage Sprinkler, approved to protect Class 1-4 commodities and Group A, cartoned unexpanded plastics.
  • New FM Approval is offered in addition to the sprinkler’s existing UL Listing, which provides ceiling-only sprinkler protection in warehouses up to 48 ft (14,6 m) in height.
  • The FM design specifies a design pressure of 80 psi (5,5 bar) with a remote area consisting of nine sprinklers, installed with three sprinklers on three adjacent branch lines.