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New Six Inch Model G-6000 Dry and Preaction Systems

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hastings, MI, USA – Viking Corporation, a global leader in fire protection and life safety systems, has extended its innovative Model G valve line to now include up to a six inch size. The patent-pending Model G valves, which are also sold in two, three, and four inch sizes, offer many design and installation advantages including simplified trim, reduced weight, and a compact size. The new valves have a pressure rating of 250 PSI (17,2 bar) and feature a strong, lightweight, ductile iron body with black e-coat on both the inside and outside of the valve body for improved corrosion resistance.

Viking’s Model G valves are available in four system configurations; dry pipe, single interlock preaction, double interlock preaction, and Viking’s exclusive Surefire® fail-safe preaction system. Like all Model G systems, the G-6000 is shipped fully pre-assembled from the factory, including the G-6000 valve and complete trim package assembled to the valve. The water supply control valve, gauges, switches, drain cup, and drain connection are also included. Additionally, a grooved section of galvanized piping is installed on top of the Model G valve to facilitate installation and service.

In a dry system configuration, the Model G valves include an innovative external reset feature. To reset the valve, the installer simply re-establishes air pressure to the system and then pressurizes the valve’s unique priming chamber. In a fire condition, system air pressure is lost and the priming chamber compresses allowing water to pass through the valve and into the sprinkler system piping. All Model G valves also include an internal check valve, thus eliminating the need for a separate check valve in the system riser when installed as a preaction system.

Viking is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative fire protection and life safety systems. For over 90 years the company’s products and services have protected lives and property worldwide from the devastating effects of fire. For more information on Viking’s complete line of quality fire protection products, services, and systems, please visit or call 800-968-9501.