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"Sprinkler Saves" Blog Reaches 500th Recorded Save, 1-year Anniversary

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hastings, Michigan, USA - Viking Group, Inc., along with its valued partners, is pleased to announce two important milestones for the “Sprinkler Saves” blog – its one-year anniversary and, more importantly, the 500th recorded “sprinkler save.”

Last November, the “Sprinkler Saves” blog was introduced in an effort to promote successful fire sprinkler activations in real fire conditions. Fire sprinkler success stories from throughout North America are posted daily to the blog. One goal of this blog is to influence how the media reports on successful sprinkler activations. By giving more exposure to these success stories, the media may gain more perspective on the value of automatic fire sprinklers in saving lives and property.

The 500th blog entry also provided an opportunity to analyze these 500 “sprinkler saves” and uncover some interesting statistics, including the following:

  • 197 (39%) of the 500 saves (to date) occurred in residential occupancies
    • 65 (33%) of these residential saves occurred during the night or early AM hours
    • 135 saves took place in multi-family residential structures
    • There were 14 successful sprinkler activations in college residence halls (on-campus)
  • Additionally, 37 sprinkler saves occurred in nursing homes or senior living facilities, where occupants would conceivably have had trouble evacuating the structure
    • 19 of these "senior saves" occurred during the night or early morning hours
  • 22 sprinkler saves were in hotels/motels
  • The activities of 40 arsonists were foiled due to a successful sprinkler activation

The “Sprinkler Saves” blog can be accessed at To follow the blog, interested parties can click the "Follow" button on the lower right-hand side of the screen.

Jeff Norton
Phone: 269-945-8312