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TESTanDRAIN, Model 2511T, Multi-Directional, Includes Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Gauge and Globe Valve - Made in USA

Similar to the Model 2500, the Model 2511T TESTanDRAIN® is a 300 PSI rated single handle ball valve that was specifically designed to provide both the test function and the express drain function required for a wet fire sprinkler system. The Model 2511T provides an alternate handle location from the Model 1011T for multi-directional installions. It features a tamper resistant test orifice, integral tamper resistant sight glasses, and a tapped port for system access. The Model 2511T has the added feature of a Model 7000 Pressure Relief Valve with drainage piping, Model 7500 Pressure Gauge, and Model 7600 1/4" 3-Way Globe Valve. It is designed to relieve excess pressure caused by surges or temperature changes while solving the difficult problem of providing the relief valve with a drainage-piping outlet. The Model 2511T complies with the requirements of NFPA 13 which stipulate a pressure relief valve be installed on all gridded systems and downstream of all pressure reducing valves.

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Model 2511T (sizes 1”, 
1-1/4” Thread and 2” Groove)

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