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Enhancements Introduced for Viking's Valve and System Support Mobile App

Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 2pm


Hastings, Michigan, USA – The Viking Corporation, a global leader in fire protection and life safety systems, has released an updated version of its “Valve & System Support” smart phone app.  In addition to wet and dry systems, this new release includes select deluge and preaction systems. For each system type, customers have access to a wealth of information including technical data, service and repair videos, system animations, and detailed troubleshooting support.

The application features 30 new product maintenance and repair videos. If repair to a valve is recommended, customers can quickly identify the service parts needed and submit a request to Viking SupplyNet for the required parts. Users can also follow detailed, step-by-step troubleshooting for a wide variety of service and maintenance topics, and review dozens of FAQs, conveniently organized by system type.

The Viking Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS. Customers can download from Google Play or the Apple Store by searching for “Viking Valve.” Additional deluge, preaction, and flow control systems are scheduled to be included in future releases.


Viking is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative fire protection and life safety systems.  For nearly 100 years the company’s products and services have protected lives and property worldwide from the devastating effects of fire.  For more information on Viking’s complete line of fire protection products and services, please visit or call 800-968-9501.