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Helideck Foam Discharge Nozzle

  • Unique configuration seats the nozzle in a specially engineered receiver box that also serves as a drain cover.
  • Installed flush with the deck to spread AFFF foam over burning liquid faster than oscillating monitors.
  • Delivers a uniform minimum discharge pressure of 40 psi (2.8 bar).
  • Available with a 360°, 180°, or 90° discharge pattern to meet design requirements.
  • 2” grooved inlet for simple installation and removal.
  • Durable construction designed for maximum direct load of 350 psi over the surface area of the assembly to withstand the load of a parked helicopter.
  • No moving parts, as the spray pattern is developed from the Helideck Nozzle’s installed position.
  • FM Approved and UL Listed as part of a fire suppression system combining designated foam concentrates, proportioning devices and bladder tanks, with the following foam concentrates:
    - Viking AFFF 3%M C6, AFF 3%S C6, and AFFF 1%S C6
    - Fomtec AFFF 3%M, AFFF 3%S, and AFF 1% Ultra LT