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Model V-EP Specific Application Attic Sprinkler (VK690)

  • When used with the Model VK697 Attic Upright sprinkler, it is possible to use a 3 branch line design for spans up to 80 ft. (24,4 m) and a 5 branch line design for spans greater than 80 ft. (24,4 m) and up to 100 ft. (30,5 m).
  • The VK690 and VK697 used together allow for flows as low as 20 gallons per minute and a minimum operating pressure of 13 psi.
  • Can be installed with either steel or CPVC piping (CPVC for wet pipe systems only).
  • Listed for specific pitches 2-1/2:12 ≤ 6:12, and spans 80 ft. and 100 ft.
  • Available in a 200°F (93.3°C) intermediate temperature rating.