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New FM Approved VSF303H Multi-Spectrum IR H2 Flame Detector Spots Threatening Hydrogen Plume Fire in Just Five Seconds

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - 8am

Caledonia, Mich.– Viking Group, Inc., a Michigan-based manufacturer and distributor of fire protection solutions, is announcing the latest in the innovative flame detector offerings provided in the Alarm & Detection portfolio: the FM Approved VSF303H Multi-Spectrum IR H2 Flame Detector, which can detect hydrogen plume fires at 131 ft. (40 m) in a two-to-five-second response time on average.

The explosion proof multi-spectrum infrared (IR) hydrogen (H2) flame detector utilizes the latest IR flame detection algorithms to ensure maximum false alarm immunity in markets like the oil and gas industry, chemical manufacturing, storage applications and aviation segments.

"This new detector really helps bolster Viking’s lineup of flame detection, as it provides critical asset protection in some significant markets,” notes Holland Smith, Viking’s Portfolio Manager – Alarm & Detection. “It’s exciting to see our selection of flame detection products advancing.”

The VSF303H presents numerous valuable features such as its use of three IR sensors, digital signal processing hardware, and firmware algorithms to interpret the radiant characteristics of flame. In addition, the detector offers microprocessor-controlled heated optics that maintain operation in extreme or harsh weather conditions. The FM Approved detector is made of copper-free aluminum or is available in 316 stainless steel.

For additional information, you can visit to learn more about the VSF303H and Viking’s complete alarm and detection portfolio, or contact your local Viking SupplyNet representative.



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