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OneU® Active Extinguishing System

OneU® Active Extinguishing System

Unique, space-saving active suppression for server racks. OneU® is a fully integrated fire suppression and detection system in a single unit only 1.75" high by 24" deep. For ease of installation and cost effectiveness the OneU product family is available in three modular and flexible configurations. The OneU® Active Suppression System, OneU® DD Smoke Aspriation System, and OneU® ED Suppression Module offer scalable solutions, with up to five devices able to simultaneously control and protect interconnected switch cabinets.

Clean, compact, and sustainable. The OneU® product family is unrivaled in space-savings while maintaining function, quality, and reliability. Utilizing the environmentally friendly and sustainable clean agent Novec 1230 Fire Fluid by 3M, OneU® is the only system that offers a state of the art solution in a single unit of space.

Features include:

  • Sensitive smoke aspiration system
  • Agent container with Loss Monitoring
  • Battery backup
  • Simple installation
  • Modular extendibility with slave systems

Click here for step by step installation instructions.

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F_040319, F_040419, F_040519

Occupancy Type: 

Light Hazard

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