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H2hOme™ NFPA 13D Pump & Tank System

H2hOme™ NFPA 13D Pump & Tank System

Designed & built specifically to meet NFPA 13D requirements, the H2hOme™ is everything you need to provide required pressure & flow to a residential fire sprinkler system in a sleek, all-in-one package. As with all of our 13D pump & tank systems, the H2hOme™ comes standard with a stainless steel pump and all non-ferrous components to protect against corrosion and ensure longevity. Additionally, this is the only stand-alone system on the market with an easily removable slide-out pump. Created with contractors in mind, our 29” slim tank can be carried through any typical doorway - with reduced weight when the pump is removed. The H2hOme™ also includes a riser manifold kit making installation even easier. A control panel can be added with indicator lights, alarm functionality and a simple “push-to-test” button.

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