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VSH1230 Multi-Zone System

Protect multiple areas from a single clean agent supply. Higher pressure 725 psi systems make it possible to protect several enclosures from a single bank of clean agent cylinders. Specially designed 725 psi cylinders are connected to a manifold pipe that feeds the selector valve manifold. Each zone is connected to a separate selector valve. If a fire is detected the control panel opens only the related zone selector valve.

Save space and reduce cost. Viking high pressure systems can move up to 75% more agent through the same pipe size as a traditional 360 psi system in the maximum required ten seconds agent discharge time. That means tanks can be located almost anywhere, saving valuable floor space in the protected area. Less nitrogen is required and smaller tanks can be used to deliver the required amount of agent. And since a multi-zone system only requires enough agent to protect the largest area instead of the combined volume of all areas, you can dramatically reduce installation, service, and maintenance costs.


  • Suppression agent tanks can be located away from protected assets, freeing up floor space and lessening the need for personnel access
  • Specially designed 725 psi storage tanks require less nitogen
  • Pipe sizes can be reduced, and longer pipe runs can be utilized
  • Enhanced nozzle design is UL approved at increased design concentrations for heights up to 17' 9", eliminating the need for two levels of nozzles and pipe networks
  • Novec 1230 clean agent from 3M has low toxicity, an atmospheric lifetime of 5 days, zero ozone depletion and significanlty lower global warming potential than other agents.
  • Novec 1230 will not damage electronics and leaves no residue behind