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Program Agenda

Advanced Applications of Fire Protection Systems Training Program Agenda

Module I – Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

This module provides participants with an in-depth view of deluge systems through discussion and hands-on activities. Participants will operate and reset deluge systems that use electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic means of release.

Module II - Preaction Fire Sprinkler Systems

The preaction module of this program will expose participants to single and double interlock systems, as well as Viking’s Surefire system. Participants will learn how each of the systems operate, as well as how to identify the differences of the systems variations. Through discussion, instructor-led demonstrations, and hands-on activities, participants will become thoroughly familiar with these systems.

Module III - Flow Control Systems

Flow control systems offer a unique ability to reduce pressure, provide remote manual shut down system options, or to automatically shut down systems without intervention. These systems are uniquely Viking and provide protection opportunities in unique applications. Participants will learn how these systems operate through instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Module IV - Introduction to Foam Systems

This module will provide participants with an understanding of the different types of foam concentrates, as well as practical applications of foam protection systems. Participants will have the ability to see a demonstration of application devices, such as the Grate Nozzle and other devices and nozzles in our flow lab. This module is a basic overview of foam systems. For additional information on foam systems outside of this overview, participants are encouraged to enroll in Viking’s separate foam system training program.

Module V - Introduction to Storage Occupancy Protection

Storage occupancies create a unique challenge to fire protection systems. This module will cover some basic information on storage occupancy control mode fire sprinkler systems, as well as suppression mode fire sprinkler systems and their water requirements. This module is taught through discussion and flow lab demonstrations of the various sprinklers used to protect storage occupancies.

Module VI - Introduction to Clean Agents

This module provides an overview of clean agent extinguishing systems including the system components, the extinguishing agents available, and applications of the system. For additional information on clean agent systems outside of this overview, participants are encouraged to enroll in Viking’s separate clean agent system training program.