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Viking Unveils its "Next Generation" XT1 Sprinkler Platform

  • XT1 sprinklers feature a smaller, more compact design for easier installation in tight spaces and a more aesthetically pleasing installed appearance.
  • All XT1 sprinklers incorporate a stainless steel deflector and a fully encapsulated Teflon® sealed spring and seal assembly to protect the Bellville spring against corrosion.
  • The spring and seal assembly includes an innovative hinge to help prevent sprinkler components from lodging in the deflector upon activation.
  • XT1 deflectors are laser etched and easy to read for fast model identification.
  • The new XT1 ergonomic-grip sprinkler wrench has a rubber coated grip and 6-sided contact with the sprinkler boss to limit slipping and eliminate the need for socket type wrenches.
  • XT1 sprinkler guards are significantly smaller, and protect the sprinkler when installed in areas where there is risk of external damage.
  • Current XT1 models include Viking's Quick Response and Standard Response, 5.6 (81) and 8.0 (115) K-factor upright and pendent commercial sprinklers.

Please visit for additional information on Viking’s “next generation” XT1 sprinkler platform.