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Environmentally Sustainable Oxeo Extinguishing System Provides Industry-Leading Fire Suppression for High Challenge, Damage-Sensitive Applications

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 - 9am

Caledonia, Mich. – Viking Group, Inc., a Michigan-based manufacturer and distributor of fire protection solutions, is pleased to offer the expanded Oxeo Extinguishing System, an exclusive inert gas solution for high-challenge fire scenarios due to its use of nitrogen or argon. These two naturally occurring components of the ambient air leave no residue on sensitive electronic equipment and thus result in no secondary damage, making them well-suited for data centers, archives, evidence storage, turbines, diesel generators, and much more.

“Viking’s Oxeo Extinguishing System protects extremely vulnerable applications like other gas suppressants, but it’s unique in that it won’t result in secondary damage or any environmental harm,” says Martin Workman, Viking’s Senior Vice President – Product Experience. “Recently, the Oxeo offering has been expanded to include a new ‘constant flow’ option for systems in addition to the initial pressure reducing variation.”

Oxeo Extinguishing System is cULus Listed and FM Approved to protect Class A, B and C fires, and is suitable for protection of Class D fires due to its use of argon. With tank capacity options ranging from 30, 80 and 140L, 2,901 psi (200 bar) or 4,351 psi (300 bar) pressure ratings, and system options for both pressure reducing and constant flow, Oxeo provides the industry with electronically non-conductive inert gases that result in no environmental impact.

To learn more about Viking Special Hazards products including the Oxeo Extinguishing System, visit or contact your local Viking SupplyNet distribution center.



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