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Viking Fabrication Services

Viking Fabrication Services

Viking is committed to being the fire contractor's single and best source for all things related to fire protection. High-quality pipe fabrication services are available at many of our Viking SupplyNet locations around the United States, giving you even greater convenience and confidence. 

Cut, threaded, grooved, and welded. Because pipe is a critical link in the fire protection chain, Viking offers complete turnkey fabrication services. Threading, grooving, end preparation of pipe, welding of black or galvanized material, and assembly welding are all performed with Viking’s characteristic precision.

Everything made easy. Viking Fabrication Services simplifies the entire pipe fabrication and installation process, and ensures accurate, on-time delivery to virtually any location.  Fabricated pipe is clearly and systematically marked, then bundled for easy installation at the job site.  To further streamline the process, complete stocklisting and estimating services are available.

Nothing left to chance. The Viking Fabrication Services and Viking SupplyNet team gives you everything you need for installation of complete fire protection systems. We provide a full complement of system components, including sprinklers, valves, fittings, couplings, hangers, and more. Now you can eliminate costly and time-consuming "piece-meal" sourcing to multiple vendors.

From the smallest project to the largest-scale endeavor, there's one contact that gets the job done. Viking.

Contact us today to learn more.