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Customer Learning Portal (Online)

The CLP has everything you need for accessible, applicable, and engaging learning.

The Customer Learning Portal offers 25 fully assessed online courses in topics which include Valves and Systems, Sprinklers, and Foam Systems.  Most courses are available immediately after registration.

In addition to these online courses, the CLP also contains a wide variety of other training tools, including webinars, podcasts, repair videos and more, making the CLP a one-stop shop for Viking’s training resources. Customers and partners alike can engage in and track training progression, which results in real-time certificates for assessed courses.

Already Registered?
Return to the Viking Customer Learning Portal to continue learning.

Need to Register?
Follow this link to the Viking Customer Learning Portal and click on “Create new account.” Follow the simple steps to confirm your registration. After you’re registered, you can login and click on any course you’d like to begin learning immediately!

If course certificates are required for training, courses with integrated assessments offer a certification based on the number of "contact minutes" for the course, assuming successful completion of all course requirements. The certificate will be automatically available when the course requirements are met. Viking partners with accrediting agencies to gain approval of individual or bundled course options, which are clearly identified in the portal.

Your company and your employees are unique. We work with organizations of all sizes to develop customized course sequences to meet the learner's needs, ensuring that training is always easily accessible and applicable to your business need.