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Digital Tools

Everything You Need to Get the Job Done

The name “Viking” represents worldwide leadership and high standards in the fire protection industry. For a century we have ensured quality and efficiency that saves you time and money. As technology advances and offers us all more conveniences, Viking provides our customers with top-performing digital solutions to meet industry demand.

With our expertise and the availability of our free, advanced digital tools, Viking customers can rest assured they have access to some of the most proficient and dependable tools of the trade. Viking has solutions for a vast amount of customer needs, including:

LoEx Foam Estimator and HiEx Foam Estimator

Calculating your foam needs has never been easier with Viking's LoEx and HiEx Foam Estimators! With these innovative webtools you can easily estimate ALL the necessary components needed to complete your next big low or high expansion foam system project in just minutes! What's better? Our estimators even allow you to get all of these necessary parts quoted - just submit the estimated bill of sale to your local Viking SupplyNet customer service team. It's THAT easy!

Sprinkler Selector: Find the Right Sprinkler for the Job

The “Sprinkler Selector” makes finding your project’s perfect sprinkler match easier than ever. Customers are able to filter through Viking’s complete inventory by choosing various criteria including listings/approvals, occupancy hazard, orientation, K-factor, response type, temperature rating, and finish. Once a sprinkler part number is selected, additional information is readily available.

Dry Sprinkler Order Form: Order Dry Sprinklers with Ease

Looking for an easy way to order dry sprinklers? Viking's web-based digital tool, the Dry Sprinkler Order Form, makes it easier than ever! Seamlessly step through sprinkler type, orientation, response type, model, temperature and finish to find the exact part number needed. From there, adding additional sprinklers with different A/B dimensions is simple!

Valve & System Configurator: Render a Complete Valve and Trim Set

Of the potentially thousands of valve and trim combinations that Viking offers, finding the proper one for the job can prove difficult. With the new Valve and System Configurator online tool, Viking has made this process a breeze. Users are able to dynamically build a 3D model of a valve and trim set based on selected presets. Customers begin with the desired system type (of which all possible wet, dry, deluge and preaction system combinations are currently available), and work their way to the finely-tuned details to ensure the valve and system rendering has everything that’s needed. When completed, a zip file containing all technical documents for the configured system is just a click away. And with the option to send the configuration directly to VSN customer service, getting quotes for systems has never been easier!

Viking Revit® Families

Viking now offers a Revit family library for our entire line of fire sprinklers. Designers are now able to access families at a category level, model level, or for a specific sprinkler. Once a family is loaded into the existing Revit® BIM project, users can then select specific Viking sprinklers based on attributes that include type, orientation, finish and temperature. The Revit families allow for more precise representations and prevent over-burdening the project file with unnecessary data.