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ESFR Specific Application Storage Pendent Sprinkler (VK514)

  • UL Listed to protect warehouses up to 48 ft (14,6 m) in height with storage up to 43 ft (13,1 m), with no in-rack sprinklers required.
  • 28.0 (404) K factor, 1 in NPT / 25 mm BSP thread size
  • Specifically listed for 6 ft (1,8 m) aisle widths
  • Protects class I-IV commodities and cartoned unexpanded plastics stored in single- or double-row racks.
  • 35 psi (2,4 bar) pressure requirement; 166 gpm (628 lpm) flow rate
  • Available in 165°F (74°C) and 205°F (74°C) temperature ratings
  • Lower water demand compared to competitive products may allow for reduced pipe sizes and the elimination of a fire pump.
  • Contact your local Viking SupplyNet location or Territory Sales Manager for pricing and availability

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