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K25 ESFR Dry Pendent Sprinkler (VK512)

  • Fusible link dry ESFR offers ceiling only protection for box-in-box cold storage facilities for up to 50’-0” ceilings.
  • No in-rack sprinklers are required up to 50 feet!
  • The VK512 K25 EESFR dry pendent storage sprinkler provides protection from a wet system, located in an adjacent heated space, for very cold or freezing temperatures.
  • No double-interlock preaction systems are required, which saves you installation costs.
  • FM Approved as a quick response pendent storage sprinkler.
  • Available with a 1-1/2” grooved connection in both Ordinary 165°F (74°C) and Intermediate 205°F (96°C) temperature ratings, with a maximum working pressure of 175 psi (12 bar).
  • The VK512 comes with optional insulating seal assemblies, which isolate the clearance space around the dry barrel sprinkler – mitigating condensation and preventing ice buildup.