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Model V-HIP Attic Sprinkler K5.6 (VK660)

  • Introducing the new VK660 5.6 K-factor V-HIP Attic Sprinkler, cULus Listed for Specific Applications.
  • Provides enhanced fire protection for sloped attics, using less water and far fewer sprinklers, branch lines, and associated material.
  • The VK660 V-HIP is specifically engineered to protect the attic hip area by spraying water in a 90° pattern down the attic slope toward the eaves.
  • The V-HIP is installed along the hip ridge and features a 6 x 28 ft. maximum coverage area (measured horizontally.)
  • Viking Attic Sprinklers can be installed with either steel or CPVC piping (CPVC allowed on wet systems only.)
  • Viking Attic Sprinklers feature a 200°F glass bulb operating element and are available in either a standard brass finish or Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) plating for environments where corrosion is a concern.

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