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New Viking Dry Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers Offer Design and Installation Advantages

Friday, March 2, 2018 - 9am



Hastings, Michigan, USA – The Viking Corporation, a global leader in fire protection and life safety systems, has announced their new 8.0 K-factor Light and Ordinary Hazard Standard Coverage Dry Horizontal sprinklers with expanded UL Listings. Models include Standard Response glass bulb, Quick Response glass bulb, and Quick Response fusible link designs. Due to their newly-designed deflectors, these sprinklers are UL Listed for installation with the deflector from 4 to 12 inches below the ceiling. This feature gives contractors additional flexibility when installing sprinklers near crown moldings or other obstructions. Additionally, the sprinkler’s large orifice allows lower starting pressures than standard orifice sprinklers.

Viking SupplyNet offers dry horizontal sidewall sprinklers in plain barrel, standard adjustable, and recessed adjustable models. Selected models are available in chrome, white-polyester, brass, and corrosion resistant ENT. Temperature ratings include 155°F, 175°F, 200°F, and 286°F (recessed adjustable models not available in 286°F).

Complete design and installation specifications for all Viking dry sprinkler systems can be found at


Viking is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative fire protection and life safetysystems.  For nearly 100 years the company’s products and services have protected lives and property worldwide from the devastating effects of fire.  For more information on Viking’s complete line of fire protection products and services, please visit or call 800-968-9501.