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Viking’s New High Expansion Foam Systems Specifically Designed to Aerate Foam with No Moving Parts

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 2pm


Caledonia, Michigan – The Viking Corporation announces the availability of new UL Listed High Expansion Foam systems, which distribute a foam-water solution to a specific hazard area within a protected facility, such as aircraft hangars. The systems feature an innovative foam generator, uniquely designed to aerate high expansion foam with no moving parts or external power requirements.

“The simple design of Viking’s High Expansion foam generators offers major benefits to installing contractors and facility owners when compared to electric or water powered fan-type generators,” said Martin Workman, Viking’s Vice President – Product Management. “By eliminating the moving parts, Viking High Expansion foam generators have lower deterioration, greatly reducing long term maintenance.”

Viking’s High Expansion Foam Suppression system forms a stable blanket that suppresses flammable vapors and cools down the fuel surface, resulting in an extinguished fire and preventing re-ignition. The system features stable bubbles with expansion rates in excess of 830:1. The generators, which feature a stainless steel body and a painted stainless steel nozzle manifold, weigh just 153 lbs. In addition, the generators are available for either vertical or horizontal installation with single or paired mounting capabilities, making them a highly versatile option for foam suppression applications.

Viking’s High Expansion Foam systems are complemented by several digital tools. Designers and estimators can use the new “HiEx Estimator” tool to assist with calculating the number of generators and amount of concentrate needed for NFPA 409 and UFC projects. From the web-based tool, users can quickly create a complete system materials list after choosing the applicable design. In addition, an online interactive guide provides step-by-step instructions for the installation of high expansion foam generators.

To learn more about Viking foam suppression systems, visit or contact your local Viking SupplyNet distribution center.

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