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UniVario® Industrial Detectors

UniVario® Industrial Detectors

The industrial detector for every risk. UniVario® is a platform-based and microprocessor-controlled heat and flame detector that can handle the most demanding conditions. Built into a high quality cast aluminum housing, the UniVario® modular design allows for unlimited combinations, and installation is extremely user-friendly.

Flexibility and precision. This new generation of fire detectors is configured for ease of installation and integration into existing solutions, making them an affordable alternative to conventional systems. UniVario® is able to forward data for analysis, maintenance or statistics compilation, and the programmable service module delivers outstanding flexibility.

Withstand even the toughest conditions. Robust casing and installation technology gives these intelligent fire detectors the ability to operate in extreme environments. And thanks to their modular design and modern signal processing technology, UniVario® performs in any industrial application, including engine test cells, machine tools, exhaust ducts, aircraft hangars, and semiconductor manufacturing...application is virtually limitless.

UniVario® features:

  • Uniform platform, freely programmable
  • Fixed temperature, rate of rise or both in single detector
  • Wide range of temperature options and installation configurations
  • FM and CSFM Approved
  • Explosion Proof Ex Zones 2 & 22 Units
  • Silicone free available

Available Models:

Heat Detector WMX5000: 190° F
Heat Detector WMX5000 FS: Fixed Rod - 750° F or 1560° F
High Heat Detectors WMX5000 FS: Fixed Rod - 750° F or 1560° F
High Heat Detectors WMX5000 FS: Flexible - 750° F or 1560° F
Flame Detector FMX5000 IR: Triple IR
Flame Detector FMX5000 UV


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