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VN Nozzles for Oxeo Extinguishing System

VN Nozzles for Oxeo Extinguishing System

The Viking Oxeo VN nozzles may only be used as room protection nozzles in stationary Oxeo PR Fire Extinguishing Systems utilizing Argon (IG-01) or Nitrogen (IG-100). The Viking Oxeo VN nozzles are installed to distribute the extinguishing agent evenly in the extinguishing zone in the calculated flooding time. During activation, the extinguishing agent flows through the nozzle, expanding once it exits the nozzle bores.

The VN nozzle is comprised of a nozzle body and an orifice plate with a specifically calculated diameter. DesignManager or Oxeo Design Assistant (ODA) must be used to determine the orifice diameter specific to the fire extinguishing system. VN nozzles are not permitted for use within corrosive environments


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