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FireFlex® Integrated Systems

Since its inception in 1991, FireFlex Systems has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art innovative integrated fire protection systems that set the benchmark not only for water-based suppression, but also for clean agents and FireFlex's unique compressed air foam system.

Click on any of the product descriptions below to visit the FireFlex Systems website and learn more.

FireFlex N2®-Blast Corrosion Inhibiting System - Designed and manufactured by South-Tek Systems, the N2-Blast® Corrosion Inhibiting System, combined with our dry and preaction integrated fire protection systems, can effectively inhibit electrochemical, galvanic and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), as well as protect against freeze-ups and ice plugs.

FireFlex Dual - An integrated clean agent/automatic sprinkler dual system ideal for protecing water sensitive hazards such as IT or telecom equipment. A dual agent system provides the highest level of protection for mission critical facilities.

ICAF Foam System - The most advanced and efficient foam system on the market. ICAF uses four times less water and up to six times less foam concentrate compared to foam-water systems. Eliminate or reduce the size of water supply tanks, fire pumps, and drainage and containment systems. Two control panel options available.

FireFlex Vactec - FireFlex's Vacuum Fire Protection System is a complete FM approved integrated system that offers unique features and benefits such as corrosion mitigation measures.