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VK512 - ESFR Dry Pendent Sprinkler (K25.2)

VK512 - ESFR Dry Pendent Sprinkler (K25.2)

Viking's Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Dry Pendent Sprinkler VK512 is a fast response fusible element type sprinkler designed for use in storage areas subject to freezing and supplied from a wet system only, in an adjacent heated area. With a 25.2 (363 metric) nominal K-Factor and special deflector, this sprinkler produces large, high-momentum water droplets in a hemispheric pattern below the deflector. This permits penetration of the fire plume and direct wetting of the burning fuel surface while cooling the atmosphere early in the development of a high-challenge fire.

The dry ESFR sprinkler consists of a fusible element style ESFR sprinkler permanently secured to a special supply nipple. The sprinkler assembly features a sealed brass inlet that’s grooved. Also included with the ESFR dry sprinkler are two insulating boot assemblies (optional) to help seal the clearance space around the dry sprinkler barrel. The dry sprinkler boot assembly is intended to slow the exchange of air between the inside and outside of the freezer (or any dry sprinkler installation) to help mitigate condensation and humidity and temperature differentials in the area around the sprinkler. Condensation can lead to ice build-up, which could inhibit sprinkler operation or cause premature operation.

Technical Details

K Factor: 

25.2, 363 (metric)





Part Number: 


VK Number: 


Additional Information: 

NOTICE: The product details indicated below are for general reference only and may vary based on the specific product approval and/or application. Always verify product details with the technical data sheet and consult with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Max Pressure: 

175 psi (12bar)

Response Type: 

Fast (ESFR)

Occupancy Type: 


Thread Size: 

1-1/2" Grooved

Min Spacing: 

Per Standards / Listings

Max Spacing: 

Per Standards / Listings

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