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Storage and ESFR

Viking's Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) dry sprinklers combine the suppression benefits of an ESFR sprinkler with the advantages of a dry type sprinkler for cold storage facilities.  ESFR dry sprinklers are specifically designed to suppress high-challenge storage fires. When supplied from a wet pipe system installed in a conditioned space, Viking’s ESFR dry type sprinklers allow for the protection of certain cold storage facilities with ceiling only sprinklers. The elimination of in-rack sprinklers and preaction systems provides for a lower total installed cost, reduced service and maintenance requirements, and greater racking flexibility, while also helping to minimize potential damage by forklifts. Viking's dry ESFR sprinklers are approved to protect the same commodities and storage arrangements as their corresponding standard (wet) ESFR sprinklers with the same K-factor. 

Looking for an easy way to order dry sprinklers? Viking's NEW web-based digital tool, the Dry Sprinkler Order Form, makes it easier than ever! Seamlessly step through sprinkler type, orientation, response type, model, temperature and finish to find the exact part number needed. From there, adding additional sprinklers with different A/B dimensions is simple!