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Deluge & Preaction Systems

To order a Model E or Model F deluge or preaction system, first select the desired deluge valve and the appropriate deluge valve trim.  Next, choose a releasing trim and releasing device(s) depending on your application.  For preaction systems, a riser check valve must also be ordered, as well as a VFR-400 release control panel (for systems that are released electrically).

To simplify the process, Viking also offers several factory assembled options.  The Model G preaction systems are shipped completely preassembled including the deluge valve, trim, releasing devices/trim, switches, gauges, and a water supply control valve (release control panel ordered separately). 

Additionally, Viking offers all deluge and preaction system in a TrimPac configuration, which includes conventional trim, releasing trim, and releasing devices assembled in a steel enclosure which can be mounted to the riser or to a wall.  Flexible hoses are provided to connect TrimPac to the deluge valve.  The deluge valve and a drain package must be ordered separately, as well as the VFR-400 release control panel for preaction systems.

Contact Viking's Technical Services Department at 877-384-5464 for additional questions.