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Find an Authorized Viking Freight Carrier

Enter your shipment origination, destination, and weight to find authorized Viking SupplyNet freight carriers. You will be provided with account detail and contact instructions for the carrier Viking would like you to use on the lane in question.

Please follow these instructions and ship the product via payment terms “Collect”. If you do not have shipping documentation, please download the standard BOL document to capture the contract terms required for a successful shipment.

Notice: Our LTL carrier handles shipments up to a maximum of 16’ in total linear length, or 8 standard skids side by side.  If your shipment:

  • Is greater or equal to 16’ of total shipment length
  • Includes any single skid/product that is over 8’ in total length (example: pipe, struts, other)*
  • Is 10,000 pounds or greater

Please contact for assistance before setting up a carrier.

*Single item shipments over 8’ in total length will be charged excessive 'overlength fees’ by carriers, upwards of $5000.00 for a single oversized pallet.  Please reach out to us to avoid any unnecessary charges.  

Any deviations to this guide without express written permission will result in potential charges being submitted to your organization for costs due to non-compliance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Viking Transportation Team at:

Need to track your order from Viking SupplyNet? Select the carrier below and track your order directly with the carrier.

ACT   New Penn   Ward Trucking
A. Duie Pyle Companies   Peninsula Truck Lines   Zip Express
Brown Transfer   PittOhio Express    
Con-Way   RAC Transport Co.    
Dayton Freight   Reddaway    
Estes   R & L Carriers    
FedEx   Saia    
FedEx Freight  


Lee Jennings Target Express   UPS Freight    
N & M Transfer   USF Holland