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Expansion Plate

Expansion Plate

In earthquake prone areas, there are many system requirements that a sprinkler contractor must consider. And, there are often many solutions to various seismic requirements, such as the use of flex drops, swing joints, earthquake bracing , etc. One solution used in certain scenarios is to leave a one inch annular space (i.e. a larger hole) around the sprinkler to allow it to move in an earthquake. Viking's expansion plate enables a clean, professional installation when this strategy is used.

Expansion plates have a 5" (127 mm) or 5-5/16" (135 mm) outside diameter, and are available in either polished chrome or white. Custom finishes are also available upon request.

Technical Details





Part Number: 

12620 (installed with E1, E2, and F1 recessed escutcheons, as well as all flat plate concealed pendent sprinklers and standard adjustable dry sprinklers), 
13128 (installed with domed concealed sprinklers), 
16340 (installed with concealed sprinkler VK636)

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