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VSF300 Intelligent Video Flame Detector

VSF300 Intelligent Video Flame Detector

The Viking VSF300 is an explosion-proof intelligent video flame detector (iVFD) capable of detecting an n-heptane (gasoline) fire at 200 feet and JP4 (kerosene-gasoline blend jet fuel) at 300 feet. The detector processes live video images to detect the characteristic properties of flames using onboard digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced software algorithms.

• Comprehensive design support and services provided by Viking Integrated Safety
• Intelligent visual flame detection (iVFD) principle ensures maximum false alarm immunity and eliminates sensitivity loss in the presence of modulated sunlight and black body heat
• Continuous optical test, without a reflector
• Verifies operation and improves device up-time
• Microprocessor controlled heated-optics
• Maintains operation in harsh weather conditions (snow, ice, condensation)
• International hazardous area approvals: FM / ATEX / IEC Ex
• Certified performance testing to multiple fuels: FM 3260 / EN 54-10
• Spatially aware—single sensitivity detection
• External testing with a long-range flame simulator minimizes the need for scaffolding
• Easy integration using industry-standard outputs: Alarm and Fault Relays, 0–20mA, HART as standard
• Certified SIL 2 capable
• Worldwide marine approvals


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July 20, 2023