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Viking ARK SFFF Fluorine Free Foam Concentrate

Viking ARK SFFF Fluorine Free Foam Concentrate

Viking ARK SFFF Foam Concentrate is part of the industry’s first FM Approved Synthetic Fluorine Free Fixed Foam System for Hydrocarbon and Polar Solvent applications. The system is compatible with closed or open sprinkler configurations such as those found within warehouses, chemical manufacturing areas, loading racks, aircraft hangars and more. The new fire-fighting foam concentrate is free from fluorinated surfactants and polymers and available in 6.5-gallon cans, 55-gallon drums, or 265-gallon IBC totes.

SFFF foam calculations are made easy with our LoEx Foam Estimator! Utilize the estimator to calculate the necessary amount of low expansion foam you need for your project. You can estimate ALL the necessary components you need to complete your foam system package, including riser assemblies, discharge devices such as FM Approved Viking sprinklers, foam bladder tanks and more. Once complete, submit your estimated bill of sale to your local Viking SupplyNet. It’s THAT easy!

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