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Wide Range Proportioner Model VNR

Wide Range Proportioner Model VNR

The wide range proportioner accurately proportions foam concentrate into a water stream over a wide range of system flow rates and is configured to proportion foam concentrate at a 3% ratio. Wide range proportioners are an integral part of an approved foam system. In addition to the wide range proportioner, the main components of the approved foam system are specific foam concentrate(s), a foam storage tank, a concentrate control valve and foam discharge devices.

SFFF foam calculations are made easy with our LoEx Foam Estimator! Utilize the estimator to calculate the necessary amount of low expansion foam you need for your project. You can estimate ALL the necessary components you need to complete your foam system package, including riser assemblies, discharge devices such as FM Approved Viking sprinklers, foam bladder tanks and more. Once complete, submit your estimated bill of sale to your local Viking SupplyNet. It’s THAT easy!

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