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VSF303H Multi-Spectrum IR H2 Flame Detector

VSF303H Multi-Spectrum IR H2 Flame Detector

Fast and accurate flame detection starts here. Detect and control hazardous fire events with this leading lineup of VSF flame detectors and simulators, such as the VSF303H Multi-Spectrum IR H2 Flame Detector!  

The FM Approved VSF303H Multi-Spectrum IR H2 Flame Detector is an explosion proof detector that uses infrared (IR) to detect hazardous hydrogen (H2) fires. The detector is best used in critical environments where false alarms are not an option. The advanced VSF303H delivers optimal performance, responding to hydrogen fires at long distances (131 ft.!) with an average response time of only two-to-five seconds!

The VSF303H presents numerous valuable features such as its use of three IR sensors, digital signal processing hardware, and firmware algorithms to interpret the radiant characteristics of flame. In addition, the detector offers microprocessor-controlled heated optics that maintain operation in extreme or harsh weather conditions. The FM Approved detector is made of copper-free aluminum or is available in 316 stainless steel. 

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June 14, 2024

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