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VK680 - QREC Concealed Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler (K8.0)

VK680 - QREC Concealed Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler (K8.0)

Viking’s patented VK680 flat plate concealed sidewall sprinkler is cULus Listed as an extended coverage sprinkler for light hazard occupancies. The VK680 has a ¾ in (20 mm) NPT thread size and a K-factor of 8.0 (115). The sprinkler is cULus Listed for coverage areas up to and including 16' x 24' (4,9 x 7,3 m) and 18’ x 22’ (5,5 m x 6,7 m). Additionally, it has a temperature rating of 165°F (74°C) and can be installed up to 12” (305 mm) below the ceiling to better accommodate potential installation obstructions, such as light fixtures and crown moldings. The VK680 has a compact design, with a total length of only 2 inches (51 mm), allowing for easier installation in tight wall spaces.  The cover plate for the VK680 commercial sidewall sprinkler is offered in a standard white finish and has a 135°F (57°C) temperature rating. Through Viking’s industry-leading custom paint program, Viking can apply virtually any brand and type of paint to the cover plate as well.  Refer to technical datasheet for required design and installation criteria.

Technical Details

K Factor: 

115 metric





Part Number: 


VK Number: 


Additional Information: 

NOTICE: The product details indicated below are for general reference only and may vary based on the specific product approval and/or application. Always verify product details with the technical data sheet and consult with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Max Pressure: 

175 psi (12 bar)

Response Type: 


Occupancy Type: 

Light Hazard

Thread Size: 

3/4" NPT (20 mm BSP)

Min Spacing: 

9 ft (2,75 m)

Max Spacing: 

16 x 24 ft (4,9 x 7,3 m)